"MOUNTAIN KIN" Rune and Bonnie Trulove

rune and bonnie trulove Mountain Kin


Rune & Bonnie of Mountain Kin are originally from the Ozark Mountains and have been in the music business as either musicians, singers, actors, or promoters for most of their lives. Rune grew up "jamming" on the mountain with some of the best bluegrass, rhythm and blues pickers in the world. In fact, Rune's father John Trulove worked with Black Oak Arkansas and was a manager for several other bands.

When Rune was ready to share his talents with a wider audience, he carried his style of music from coast to coast across the United States and then Europe. Eventually, he returned to the Ozark Hills where he continues to play and sing, and shares Leaping Hawk Records with wife Bonnie.

Bonnie has family roots in Texas and Arkansas. She toured with her family band, known as The 6 Lbs. of Music, The Pound Family. Rune traveled with the Pound Family, playing fiddle in the band. When Dad and Mom Pound no longer sang professionally, the four daughters carried on as The Pound Sisters.

The Mountain Kin CD contains all originals, plus "The First Time," a cover song performed by Rune's Aunt Shannon. This CD is a collection of songs written by his Father, and  by Bonnie and her sister Linda. Rune's father gave the songs to Rune before he passed, and asked him to record them. The other songs selected for the CD were written by Linda. Bonnie and Rune recorded her songs in a gesture of love towards Linda after she was in a serious vehicle accident that almost ended her career.

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