You Got Me CD


1. You Got Me (3:31) Contemporary Country
2. Lovers Moon(3:17) A Beautiful Ballad Love Song
3. Grandmas Quilt (3:31) A Country Bluegrass Style Song Written By Jeannie Kendall, Bonnie Trulove, Leaping Hawk Records & Publishing.
4. Feel Like Traveling On (2:48)
5. Pray – I Gotta! (4:02) A Country Gospel Song, Written By Glen Duncan, Amber White Mcdonough, And Phillip White
6. No Teardrops Tonight (4:03) A Western Swing Song Written By Hank Williams Sr. And Recorded In A Different Style Here By Jeannie.
7. I Love That Look On Your Face (3:06) Country – An Original Release, Written By Bill Whyte, Jimmy Fortune, And Sydni Perry
8. Blues Stay Away From Me (4:52) Written By The Delmore Brothers, And Wayne Raney, And Henry Glover. A Nice New Blues Sound In Jeannie’s Own Style
9. In Memphis (4:11) Blues Original
10. Island in The Kitchen (3:54) An Original Country Classic Written By Jerry Gillespie And Dan Willis