The Kendalls – 42 Massive Hits



The Kendalls – 42 Massive Hits

Includes Heaven’s Just A Sin Away!

This newly released double CD set of great Kendall favorites is a must for all Kendalls fans.


  • Heaven’s Just A Sin Away
  • I’m Already Blue
  • Falling In Love
  • Sweet Desire
  • Old Fashioned Love
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • Put It Off Until Tomorrow
  • Proud Mary
  • You’d Make An Angel Want To Cheat
  • It Don’t Feel Like Sinnin’ To Me
  • Don’t Let Me Cross Over
  • Dancing With Myself Tonight
  • Don’t Call Me Your Only Sunshine
  • You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin’
  • When Can We Do This Again
  • Never My Love
  • The Rhythm Of Romance
  • Making Believe
  • Behind That Locked Door
  • I Don’t Do Like That No More
  • You Think I Still Care



  • I Had A Lovely Time
  • Everlasting Love
  • Just Like Real People
  • Hills of Kentucky
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • I’ll Take The Chance
  • Still Pickin’ Up After You
  • Here Today Gone Tomorrow
  • Heart Of The Matter
  • Country Music Station
  • I’m Coming Down Lonely
  • We’ll Be Gone
  • Mandolin Man
  • I’ll Be Hurtin’ Either Way
  • Bobby
  • Gone Away
  • Routine
  • When The Morning Comes
  • Another Dream Just Came True
  • Please Tell Me Why
  • I Don’t Drink From The River