USE THE ARROW AT THE TOP RIGHT TO CLICK THROUGH ARTISTS TO PURCHASE CDS AND HAVE THEM MAILED TO YOU. SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PHOTO TO PURCHASE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS OF EACH ARTIST. The price of $15.00 includes shipping and handling for a CD copy of Mountain Kin;  or $9.99 for a digital download below, also available on ITunes and Amazon, Spotify and 150 other outlets. This CD is a collection of songs given to Rune from his father John Trulove, and some written by Bonnie and her sister Linda. John's wish was for Rune to record these songs. Promises kept. Sit back and listen to some good stories in song through Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, and Country Rock.  RUNE TRULOVE has a smooth voice for Country and Ballads, and moves easily into Country Rock. Years of experience performing with The Pound Family as a Band Member and Vocalist traveling across the country;  plus appearing on many shows in Branson Missouri and Eureka Springs Arkansas, appearing on Television, Radio Shows, and Movies; really pays off here. With the added talents of BONNIE, with harmony and lead vocals, makes this CD a pleasure to listen to, all the way through.  1. Colorado Sunrise,  2. Are You Lying,  3. Precious Angel,  4. Cowboy From The Rio Grande,  5. Janie,  6. Ode To Betty Jo,  7. Road To Ohio,  8. Wishes,  9. The News, 10. The First Time, 11. The Kingdom, 12. The Grass Grew So Tall (Digital Down Load Available from Shop Page at $9.99)

Mountain Kin Rune & Bonnie $10.00 plus $5.00 S&H/ Digital Download $9.99

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