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The 6 Lbs. of Music
The Pound Family

The 6 Lbs. of Music was a family band that started with Mom and Dad - Jane and "Big Tom."

Tom was a voice and music teacher and he started all his children with learning to play an instrument and taking voice lessons.

Big Tom also worked as a radio DJ on the West Coast and in Texas. Through the years, the family entertained all over the US, playing rodeos, fairs, churches and events. Their music career took them to Nashville and back to the Ozarks with two music theaters and a dinner theater. Rune Trulove also toured with the band.

After Mom and Dad passed away, the girls continued their music career, performing as The Pound Sisters. Two of their original songs made the charts. One was a beautiful waltz entitled "Are You Lying When You're You're Lying With Me." "Cowboy From the Rio Grande" was an international hit.

Their CDs are still available in our store, and if you want to keep up with the Pound Sisters or learn more about their history and what happened through the years, scroll down to the sign-up form for the Pound Family Fan Club.

In Favorite Costumes, Ready for the Show
In Our Favorite Costumes, Ready for the Stage
The 6 lbs of music- early years
The 6 Ls. of Music, Early Years
The Pound Sisters, Early Years
The Pound Sisters Pose Before A Show
Mountain Kin: Rune and Bonnie
A young Rune, and his marriage to Bonnie

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