Linda Pound Hoehne

Linda Pound Hoehne


The Early Years

Linda has spent her life singing and living in her deep and abiding faith in God.

As a youngster, she was a member of the Pound Family band - The 6 Lbs. of Harmony - consisting of dad Big Tom, mom Jane and three other sisters, Bonnie, Loree, and Audry. The group traveled the US, along with several back up musicians, for a number of years. After Big Tom passed on, the sisters performed as a quartet for several years and were known for their exquisite four-part harmonies. The sisters could  play several instruments each. They always put on a moving show.

Although she always continued to sing, Linda went on to other careers, including a stint with the airlines where she met her husband David. Both came from agricultural backgrounds. And they retired early to follow a mutual dream: owning their own cattle ranch in Green Forest, Arkansas.

Today, they also host a B&B right on the ranch. Lucky guests at the B&B are often invited for campfire suppers where Linda brings out her guitar. Under the starlight she shares her gift of music and inspiration. She is currently Director Of Youth Ministry at Green Forest Cowboy Church. Linda is an Inspirational Speaker who travels giving testimony and song, along with life counseling.

About Her Album, In the Garden 


I grew up listening to my dad sing these old gospel songs and "In The Garden" has always touched a soft spot in my heart. The song always takes me back. God created Adam and Eve to spend time with Him in the Garden. He wanted to walk with them, to talk with them. His desire to spend time with us hasn't changed.  So, when I sing, I enter into His Garden to walk with my Lord.  Come join us, "In The Garden," which also includes vocals by Linda's husband, David Hoehne.

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